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Workshop Schedule

& Descriptions

Chief Executive Officer

Need to fine-tune your skills?

All workshops are sponsored by SOLA

Employment Center, and held at 14 N.

Main Street, Suite 320 and the Coyle Free

Library. Pre-registration is required for all

workshops and can be done by calling


Advanced Resume

  • If you want to succeed in the workplace of the future, you’ll need the most up-to-date information on Social Media, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and Online Job Boards. You’ll learn the 6-step resume writing process designed to get your resume noticed by online systems and recruiters/hiring managers, thereby significantly improving your resume quality and overall job search success.
  • Learn how to better use computers.
  • Clients will get a basic understanding of what a computer is and what parts make up a computer.
  • Client will learn how to access and navigate the internet. The workshop ends with a mouse practice. State Civil Service & County Online Applications and Recruitment Training
  • We’ll assist participants in filling out State and County applications to meet minimums and desirables for positions, and schedule testing dates for Civil Service exams and will provide transportation for clients’ to take the test at the Harrisburg Office.
  • We’ll help participants prepare for panel style interviews used in the State, County, Non-Profits and Community Employer hiring process. This enables participants to increase their chances of gaining employment; and to better understand the hiring process.
  • GED
  • Informational workshop
  • Learn how to obtain federal employment and decide whether federal employment is right for you.
  • Join us to uncover the mystery of obtaining federal employment! Join us to discuss whether federal employment right for you. You will find out where to search for federal employment as well as how to read vacancy announcements. We will provide you with an overview of how to complete customized federal resumes that will make you a competitive and successful federal employment applicant.”

Financial Coaching

  • Find out what financial coaching is all about and how this service can benefit you.
  • Want to get your spending in order, pay down debt, save for retirement, or buy a new car? These are just a few examples of goals financial coaching can help you achieve. Before the workshop is over, you will have begun the process of achieving your financial dreams.

Service 2


Interviewing I

  • This workshop covers the entire interviewing process including how to prepare.
  • Identify what employers are really looking for in an interview and review common interview questions and appropriate responses.
  • Learn tips on how to present a dynamic benefit statement that will say to an employer “Hire me!”

  • This workshop will provide hands-on interviewing practice. Our counselors will simulate an interview tailored to your occupation of interest.

  • The entire process will be recorded and reviewed with you to provide suggestions and feedback. Job Search/Internet

  • Have you been searching for employment in all the “right” places? This workshop will help you explore the “hidden” job market and help you develop networking strategies.
  • Includes hands on Internet use and learn tips on how to format and place your resume online. Mastering Money
  • Learn how to understand financial values, create a spending plan, manage credit and learn budget saving tips.

  • Learn how to use your networking skills to successfully obtain your targeted position

  • Would you like suggestions on how to improve your resume? We’ll assist you with explaining various resume types and the pros and cons of each.
  • We’ll teach you how to combine your skills and past work experience to develop a resume that gets results. Also, you’ll learn tips on how to handle difficult situations on a resume.
  • Using Social Networking as an Employment Search Tool, this two-part inter-active workshop will enable participants to search for employment and in-crease marketability through the effective use of social media networking. Part 1 is an overview of social media and why it is important in your job search. In part 2, you will learn how to develop an effective job search strategy using LinkedIn and you will learn how to create a LinkedIn profile.
  • In today’s fast paced environment, many of us are leading stressful lives. Learn stress relieving techniques that you can use both on and off the job.
  • We’ll also help you develop tools to avoid or overcome stress.
  • Learn about the benefits of higher education, the types of higher education available to you, how to apply for Financial Aid.
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