Gershon Bai-Lama

Since it’s founding in Greencastle Pennsylvania by Gershon Bai-Lama, a Philanthropist first generation immigrant from Sierra Leone West Africa in 2014, Standard of Living Augmentation (SOLA) has become one of the trusted nonprofit agencies and a leading provider of education and career services for individuals attempting to enter the workforce.

SOLA is a 501 (C) (3) not for profit organization with its corporate headquarters in Greencastle, and operates in Franklin, Cumberland and Fulton Counties.  Although SOLA is licensed to operate in Mary Land and West Virginia, it will only operate its Veteran Assistance Program (VAP) in Washington County MD and Berkley County West Virginia.

To fund our mission, we collect donated items such as clothing, household items, computers and automobiles to sell. The revenue generated from our retail sales, along with revenue from salvage & contracts operations help to supplement the fees for service we receive from referral agencies to provide the range of training and employment opportunities that assist individuals in overcoming barriers to employment, achieve a higher level of independence, and participate more fully in life, thereby improving their quality of life in their communities for the common good.